HCG Diet Recipes

Doctors know the importance of eating eggs. In fact, medical professionals suggest that you consume at least one egg a day for its important nutrients. Not only are eggs low in calories, they are rich in many vitamins and minerals. They also fill up your tummy for hours at a time, making eggs ideal for your healthy breakfast plate, as well as in a wide variety of diet recipes.

HCG Diet

When people think of weight loss foods, they rarely imagine eggs as being helpful for eliminating belly fat. Yet, it is true. The yellow yolk is full of calcium, while the white of an egg is rich in protein. However, you may have only been concerned with the bad reputation eggs have gotten when it comes to cholesterol. While eggs do contain cholesterol, it is not the bad cholesterol that will add to your body's blood cholesterol levels and do your body harm. In fact, eggs are fantastic for recovering muscles after a hard workout, as well as satisfying your hunger for hours at a time.

Numerous studies have proven that two eggs fill up men and women's tummies for longer periods of time than those who get an equal amount of calories and protein from other meals, such as bagels. As a result, individuals consuming eggs get more than 400 calories less than bagel-eaters. In other words, folks who depend on eggs can lose about 3 pounds a month, just from relying on their smart breakfast. After all, egg do not contain as many carbs as bagels and other popular breakfast plates. As a direct result, the food is not burned up as quickly in your body. Your stomach feels full for a longer period of time. As a direct result, you will eat less, making eggs an ideal dish for breakfast and mid-day snacks, as well as in numerous diet recipes.

Eggs have plenty of amino acids, such as leucine, to fight off fat and defend your body from losing lean tissue. Also found in lean meat, leucine keeps a steady amount of glucose in your blood. The amino acid also helps to regulate the production of muscle protein in your body. So as long as you do not eat too many carbohydrates, the amino acids in eggs will help to eliminate cravings for food, as well as burn fat.

The last thing you should know about eating eggs is how they should be prepared. Relying on boiled or poached eggs is your best option, as no additional fats are used to make the meals. Fried and scrambled eggs use too much fat when being prepared. However, you can always toss down some egg whites. Made up of 10% protein and 90% water, egg whites have almost no fat-containing lipids and carbs, as they are mostly found in the yolk. However, yolks can supply you with plenty of vitamin A, vitamin B, folate, choline, lutein and trace minerals, just to name a few beneficial nutrients. The method in which you prepare your eggs in different diet recipes is entirely up to you. Do you want to eat eggs for their nutrients, or for their wonderful weight loss benefits?

HCG Diet

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